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Genius Mastermind

Genius Mastermind enhances your focus and business momentum – it is a one on one program that combines deep inner work with clarity of mind.

Working with us is the ultimate tool to reach Genius Mind thinking and a thriving business.
Next-generation Business Momentum strategies and deep inner work are creating the heartbeat of your breakthrough.
It provides you with clarity of mind to take on your opportunities and gives a set of tools for ultimate decision making.
It is time for your golden wings.

“The only limits you have are the limits you believe” – WAYNE DYER


  • You are ready to ditch your golden cage.
  • You are willing to press the change button now.
  • You want to make spot-on decisions in rapidly changing environments.
  • You want to get hold of the infinite possibilities.
  • You want clarity on your business steps.
  • If your certainty has been destroyed by global events.
  • You want to bring your carer/business to the next level.
  • You are ready for the quantum leap in your career/business.
  • You want to reconnect with your inner voice.
  • You want your inner guard on the watch to find your success.
  • You are inspired to take extraordinary action forward.
  • If you want to infuse your life with clearity of mind.


With the guidance of your deep inner voice, you are creating the future life you want. Based on the clarity of your mind. Deeply rooted in yourself and with the unshakable conviction, you achieve the goals you are focusing on, unquestionably moving forward with the momentum you are creating on every step. Unlocking the true nature of yourself in every moment beginning now.


In as little as 3 months from now, your life and business will be on a completely different level

  • A pre-session assessment will identify the main areas you need support. Together we will follow an action plan for the upcoming weeks, so you precisely know what we are doing and the results you will get.

  • Sixpack individual 1:1 coaching sessions to give you the highest level of undivided attention. During each session together, we will work on your blocks, concepts, and strategies. 

  • One Deep inner work session will give you the breakthrough to supercharge your transformation. Fasten your seatbelt for your business to skyrocket. 

  • Proven Business momentum strategies change the way you approach your craft. Implementing them is pulling you towards your goals.

  • Quantum leap strategies moving your career and business to the next level. These highly engaging tools ensure the ultimate breakthrough. 

  • Implementation Support in between our sessions will answer all of your questions as they come up. Keeping your forward momentum with unlimited emails will ensure you get the resources you need to build tremendous success.


    Program outline:

    Session 1: Discovering Values + Their Hidden Impact
    Session 2: Understanding Your Roles + Conditioning
    Session 3: Reveal Clarity of Mind
    Session 4: Empower decision making + Boundaries
    Session 5: Momentum Strategies
    Session 6: Vision setup

    Deep inner Work: Connect with your inner voice

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