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About Ina & Markus

Markus Winkler

Markus Winkler is a certified hypnotherapist.
Enthusiastic about 1:1 coaching environments. 
He is applying the essence from a multitude of knowledge and utilizing his long-term analytical experience from information technology to empower the clients.
Markus’s endless desire for new knowledge always brings new insights. Shining light from a different angle and challenging the status quo maximizes the clients’ benefit.
His empathic way of coaching propels the client towards the desired vision. Working with Markus, he is eliminating outdated patterns. Together with the clients, he sets the course navigating them out of their own way.
With endless curiosity on life, knowledge, and human interaction, Markus boosts the clients’ to the next level.
Clients love the clarity and on-point coaching of Markus to maximize the benefits of each session. His calm and open mind creates a safe space for deep inner work.
Markus is respected for dissolving childhood traumas and feelings of being an imposter. He provides his clients with the tools to skyrocket.

Ina Leitner

Hi, I’m Ina!

… I spent 18 years in project management (this means: I literally built a career on breaking down huge, enormous, gargantuan, impossible tasks into small, actionable steps). In 2016 I followed my interests and started studying depth psychology, then hypnotherapy, and eventually qualified as a systemic coach.

Before long it was time to leave behind the toxic environments of the large scale companies where I had been running multimillion Euro projects, and set myself up in business.

Can you guess what happened next? Yes, despite my psychological studies, and my background, I completely fell victim to procrastination. I mean, I spent a year finalising my logo!

It took a while but eventually I was able to use all the tools I had learned so thoroughly to help others, on myself. I recognised that my procrastination was a way of keeping me safe – but an ineffective one, because it triggered feelings of shame in me, which in turn reinforced my procrastination.

So I know exactly what you’re going through, and how impossible it seems right now. And I know exactly how quickly my clients shift from ‘stuck’ to ‘in flow’.

Work with us

Genius Business Essentials

We warmly invite you to jumpstart your business with proven strategies—step by step to combine clarity and momentum for a successful business.
We lead you in a clear and simple approach to establishing business momentum. In this course, you find your “niche by attraction” based on your analyzed strengths. You get guidance for visibility in this multimedia world. Furthermore, you are guided through the technical side setting up a successful business. Your bonus is the Instagram tricks of the trade.


Genius Mastermind

Genius Mastermind enhances your focus and business momentum – it is a one on one program that combines deep inner work with clarity of mind.
Working with a Genius Business coach is the ultimate tool to reach Genius Mind thinking and a thriving business.
Next-generation Business Momentum strategies and deep inner work are creating the heartbeat of your breakthrough.
It provides you with clarity of mind to take on your opportunities and gives a set of tools for ultimate decision making.

It is time for your golden wings.

CEO Inner Circle

Together we are redefining your company and help you leading with unshakable conviction during times of rapidly changing environments.
We are creating a new certainty and optimism that carries your company on a rock-solid foundation in a radically interdependent world.
We discover remarkable patterns for the next version of your organization.
You are generating a lasting impact on clear decisions to create unstoppable momentum for a quantum leap with your company.
Reframing the past of your company patterns brings ROI into your enterprise.

It’s your choice one day or day one.

Single 1:1 Breakthrough Session

You feel you are already on the right path but need more clarity around your current situation.

The breakthrough session is also ideal for those who finally want to kickstart their journey towards their dreams, desires, and purpose, but don’t know where to begin and need one push to get the ball rollin’.

In our 1:1 session, we will get clear on:

✔ what specifically is stopping you from living in full alignment
✔ which beliefs are holding you back from taking massive action towards your goals & visions
✔ the action steps you need to take in order to get closer to your vision


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